Specialist Support


Every deafblind person has a right to a Communicator-Guide that is trained to the nationally recognised standard. These specialists enable people with a dual sensory loss to access a variety of situations and environments through safe guiding, adapting communication methods to meet an individual’s needs by maximising residual sight/hearing to receive full access to information.

DBE’s Communicator-Guides are required to achieve the Level 2 Award in Communicating and Guiding with Deafblind People (accredited by Signature). They are also DBS checked and have a wealth of experience.

All our Communicator-Guides have a flexible approach in providing support, this means that bookings can be made on a regular basis or via occasional support.

Upon our initial visit, a service user support plan is constructed as well as a full risk assessment and confidentiality agreement, these are updated annually and allow for the individual to ensure their needs are met by assigned staff.

Please contact DBE on 01733 686969 for more information.

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Deafblind Interpreters

DBE provides interpreters for deafblind people nationally, with workers using a variety of communication methods to suit the individual’s needs. Communication methods include Deafblind Manual, Block, BSL Hands On and Visual Frame.

DBE has contracts for the provision of deafblind interpreters and communicator-guides with hospitals such as Addenbrookes, Papworth, Southend, Moorfields, Newcastle and surrounding hospitals, as well as contracts with a range of NHS Trusts and NHS England.

We are subcontracted by many BSL agencies such as DA Languages, Capita, Cintra, Empire Language for our ongoing high standards in deafblind communication.

Providing a interpreter means the deafblind person receives full access to information, communication and mobility needs and become an equal citizen in society.   

Please contact us if you require support to attend an appointment.